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Author: Ines Marinho

You didn’t think yet about your fashion outfit for the Star Wars celebration in Chicago? If you already have the tickets, a roof to sleep and the comics to get signed by your favorite characters, but you are just missing the ultimate look for your cosplay, say no more. This article will help you to find the best cosplay outfit to stand out in a full crowd. Here are a few tips to pull together a costume, even though time is not in your favor. Fear not, young padawan!

1. Costuming should be fun and comfortable
Is there a right way to do cosplay? No! So, if you want to wear a bathrobe while being a proud Jedi, just do it. Above all else, the cosplay should be fun and comfortable for you. Wear whatever makes you happy and light. Big days are ahead of you and being comfy while proud of your style is important. There are many stores selling Star Wars merchandise. Use your imagination and combine what you feel it will suit you. If you don’t want to spend money, take a look at your wardrobe and free your imagination.

2. Pick a character you care about
Keeping in mind that you are fighting against time is important. If you are comfortable with sewing or familiar with handicrafts, you might be able to create something for you to wear faster than anyone else. If this is not the case, you might want to consider spending some money to help you achieving your goal. Within the characters you like the most, pick one you know you will be able to reproduce according to the means you have. Always know who you are aiming to be.

3. Examine your own/relative’s closets
Thrift and discounts stores can be your best friends in a scenario like this. However, you should first start to dig your own belongings or your relatives’ ones. For those who are used to do cosplay already, keep on including old costumes pieces in this inspection. For those who are just now starting, dig into your relatives’ old clothes, you might find something suitable. If you have plenty of black clothes options, perhaps the good guys aren’t in your costuming future. Is that a problem? No. Without Darth Vader or Darth Sidious, what would be of Star Wars? So, join the dark force. Think outside the box and go through as many things as you have.

4. Keep on hitting the local shops
This is a race against time and you should look as fast as possible for the local shops. If the thrift one is not pleasant enough to build a cosplay you like, the discount department of other stores might be as well an option. It is unlikely for you to find a pair of flared black Jodhpur pants to complete your Imperial officer uniform, but you might find a pair of gray pants to pair with your Ahsoka tunic. Keep your expectations under a reasonable analysis. When it comes about details, remember that boots are an important part of your outfit, since they are something almost everyone wears in Star Wars. If on the other hand, you want to be a pilot, check out the military surplus store or a place that sells jumpsuits. A rolled down orange flight suit, a T-shirt and black boots can make the magic of transforming you into an off-duty x-wing pilot. Details make the outfit.

5. Convention floor life saving
If you already have no time for creating a cosplay, either because you work, you have exams or family meetings, think about what you can find on the convention floor. Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire crest patches are easily found from vendors. Bring with you a needle and thread and complete your costume within minutes of starting the Celebration. Once again, think outside of the box and may the details be with you.

Star Wars Celebration will take place in Chicago, from the 11th to the 15th of April, at McCormick Place. For tickets and more information visit the official website of the event.