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Welcome back to the Brewhouse! This month Miranda from Book Wars Pod joins us to craft an an Endorian themed strong American IPA utilizing Picobrew’s Model C system and Freestyle PicoPak Crafter. If you want to brew along with us, the recipe is below!

Non-Imperial Endorian Ale

Characteristics: 7.2% ABV | 55 IBU | 12 SRM

Base Recipe: Hazy


48 oz. American Two-Row Pale
24 oz. Maris Otter Malt
12 oz. Flaked Oates
4 oz. Crystal 60L

.8 oz. Summit as bittering
.2 oz. Simcoe as bittering
.3 oz. Simcoe as flavoring
.3 oz. Citra as flavoring
.2 oz. Citra as aroma
.2 oz. Amrillo as aroma
Dry Hops:

.3 oz. Citra
.3 oz. Simcoe
Stay tuned for our next show!

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