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Heather Antos is a freelance editor, story and Kickstarter consultant who has worked on properties like Star Wars, Deadpool, Disney, Marvel, and more!

On this episode we talk about being part of the team that brought Dr. Aphra to life, being a droid translator, working on The Force Awakens, the Star Wars Story Group and more!

3:45 – what do you do?
6:30 – The Droid Translator
“I built a dictionary for BB-8’s language”
Humanity of Droids
13:00 – Hiring the artists
14:00 – The Process
17:30 – working on The Force Awakens
22:00 – Poe in comics vs TROS
“Maybe he took a year off and ran spice when he was sixteen.”
“Everything is Canon until it isn’t.”
“Theres something to be said perspectives in canon. It’s not a retelling of the story, it’s a different perspective.”
25:45 – Story Group
28:30 – Dr. Aphra
“She was hands down pitched as Indiana Jones in Star Wars.”
“I would love to see her played by Olivia Munn”
40:15 – Where are you now? and big comics vs small
43:45 – 10 questions
49:30 – X Deserved Better
“There’s a tribalism in fandom that is disheartening to me because at the end of the day, we all love Star Wars because we love Star Wars and that’s what is so beautiful about it. If we could just unite over that message of hope and unity, I think it would be a very healing thing for this fandom.”

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