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Week to week we are “the Star Wars fan talkshow,” but this week we are doing something a little different. As some of you may know, our host, Pete Fletzer, was a writer before a podcaster and over the summer of 2019, just for fun, he wrote a fan fiction story called High Value Target. As we deal with sheltering in place, social distancing and self isolation during the COVID-19 crisis, we decided to take that story and create an audiobook version of it. Pete is no Marc Thompson or Ashley Eckstein, but he did his best to bring the short story to life. We incorporated sound effects, some royalty free music and special guest, Josh Most of the Holochronicles podcast to play the part of two familiar star wars villains.

If audio books and or fan fiction aren’t your thing, not to worry, we will be back next week with our regularly scheduled programming. However, there is still an interview in this show! When we debuted the story on April 4 LIVE on YouTube, we turned the microphone over to Josh and let him turn the tables on Pete. So, after the +/- 30 minute telling of the story, stick around for that.

Written by former Star Wars Galaxy Magazine contributing editor, Pete Fletzer, High Value Target tells the story of Imperial Captain Brine and his Star Destroyer, the Retaliator, when he and his crew are given a top secret mission to the Yavin System …

Video of JUST the story: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OF9zlLJw3A0
Launch Party video (includes interview): www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOkVyidV3UM

This is a work of fan fiction. The author makes no claim of ownership to the characters, locations or settings created by George Lucas, Lucasfilm or Disney. It was created solely out of appreciation and love of the source material.

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