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Hawes and Will contemplate major life decisions this week.

The Mandalorian panel has been announced for Celebration Chicago!
Jon Favreau reveals another pictures from the production of The Mandalorian.
Lucasfilm Games?
Thoughts on the season finale of Star Wars Resistance.
Listener emails and voice mails are discussed.

Sors Bandeam is back and he is fired up.
Steve-Adi graces us with a song.
Jim calls in and asks advise about how to introduce his daughter to Star Wars.
Jakobi calls in about some damn masks.
King Tom calls in and he’s real stoked about The Wizard of Oz.
Rik has some thoughts about the end of Resistance.
Tater Daddy has a variety of topics.
Charles wonders if we’ll see Hondo in Episode IX.

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