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This week’s Blue Harvest is a star studded affair!

No Rise of the Resistance at Disney after dark? No thank you.
Early Toy Fair reveals.
Once again I’ve forgotten the other topic. Maybe I should take notes or something? Nah.
Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

King Tom offers up culinary praise and a question.
Vince Neil sends in a voice message…yes really.
Dick Van Dyke sends in a voice message…no not really.
Hawes and Will receive an ominous message.
Jim wonders what Star Wars land vehicle is our favorite.
Kym remembers a theory from days past.
Brendan has an idea for a future Jar Jar appearance.
Jon has a wonderful bit of fan casting.
Josh has some questions about Battlefront 2.
Aaron wants to know our favorites in several different categories.

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