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Ewoks have super strength, definitely, but after that, we talk about a lot of things that aren’t certain at all, like Dave Bautista as Darth Bane, San Diego Comic Con 2019 Star Wars potential, and a new food quest to embark upon. There might be a special segment after the show, but we’re not certain.

What’s going to happen at San Diego Comic Con 2019? Will there be any trailers or set reels released? But more importantly—there is a Battle for Endor reunion happening! We get excited over this, Chili’s platters and Pizzeria Uno, and remember the sleep deprived summer or 2018. All that, plus math ghosts in the cantina, Dave Bautista as Darth Bane, George Lucas doing something unexpected, and an Alphabet Squadron review. Oh yeah, Ewoks have super strength. It’s science. Let’s go, Warheads! The Star Wars Party starts NOW! It’s time for Brews and Blasters.

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