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Three Star Wars comics from different eras of the Saga, each of one solidly executed and featuring some stellar character development, glimpses into stories already told and a rethinking of long-held perceptions of others, too.

This week’s podcast is focused on Age of Republic — Padme Amidala #1, Star Wars #62 and Vader: Dark Visions #1 and the conversation is frantic and encompassing.

Also drawing our interest is a new 16-page “fan made” comic, Rebel: A Rogue One Story that features a story about Jyn Erso from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Written by Ken Lowery, drawn by Gavin Guidry, colored by Addison Duke, lettered by Micah Myers and featuring a “Jyn-up” by Shawn McGuan, it’s an intriguing tale. We’ll have a review soon.

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