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It’s a pair of endings as we come to the end of Star Wars: Han Solo — Imperial Cadet, along with the last installment in the Star Wars: Age of Republic titles, and neither did so meekly, but rather with deft writing, dynamic illustrations and lingering thoughts.

The ending of Han Solo — Imperial Cadet #5 sets the stage for a pair of new characters, whose stories we think will come back around sooner than later, while in Age of Republic — General Grievous, a notorious villain is given a better foundation that will impact future viewings of Revenge of the Sith for years to come.

In news, we weigh in on the facsimile edition of Star Wars #50 (Vol. 1), as well as the impending start to the Greg Pak-written Star Wars: Age of Rebellion one shots and look ahead to the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back and what it may portend for Marvel and IDW Star Wars comics.

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