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We enjoyed a rather telling story of what may have been for Luke Skywalker and the efforts that Emperor Palpatine made to try and lure the son of Vader to the Dark Side. Star Wars: Age of Rebellion — Luke Skywalker #1 made us think while, at the same time, riveting us with its space-borne action and fighting.

We also had a great conversation with artist Stephen Mooney, whose work on Vader — Dark Visions #4 was technically acute yet emotionally evocative at the same time. Listen in as he discusses his style, his influences and why’s glad his Marvel Comics debut came on a Star Wars title.

We discuss the potential for a five-issue mini series that may, or may not, tie in to the just announced Jedi: Fallen Order video game and celebrate the return of Star Wars comics to the top 20, thanks to the success of Galaxy’s Edge #1.

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