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Farewells, hellos, sudden plot twists, long-lost lore and sudden death. This past week’s Star Wars comics left no stone unturned when it came to whipsawing readers emotionally and so much more.

From the final goodbye to writer Kieron Gillen as he leaves Star Wars after 30-odd issues (along with Darth Vader and Doctor Aphra, too) to the unexpected loss in TIE Fighter #3 (oh, Lyttan and Zin, we hardly knew ye) to the realization and resentment of true love in Doctor Aphra #33, these comics did not disappoint in the least.

We want to thank Sarah Hendrica Bickerton, too. Her response to one of our tweets Sunday night about Doctor Aphra #33 was so compelling we felt it had to be shared, verbatim, with the listeners.

As for news, the rapid sellout of four-day passes for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim left us agog.

We also break down the September solitics from Marvel and IDW Publishing, cheering the return of some familiar faces both within the comics and those who create them.

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