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There’s a sublime yet stellar feeling through out the milestone Star Wars #50 as readers’ notions of hope, and all that word portends, takes a sinister turn.

In the pages of The Last Jedi Adaptation #4, we’re entranced with how the creative team has added some complex context to that film’s story without detracting from the action in the slightest.

We’re also keenly interested in how Poe Dameron’s actions in The Last Jedi film will play out during his mock court-martial at San Diego Comic Con on July 20 when The Legal Geeksmount a vigorous case against the hot-shot pilot and Black Squadron leader for his mutinous actions against the Resistance during its escape from the First Order.

Legal Geeks’ Josh Gilliland explains how the court-martial came about, what to expect and more about the law in Star Wars, not to mention whether Doctor Aphra is running afoul of galactic law with her, ahem, “acquisitions” of rare artifacts.

Also, we say it’s episode #70, but it’s really episode #69. This saves you from Jeff’s snickering. You’re welcome.

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