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Bill, Chris, and Larry chat it up about toys and collecting. Join them as they get caught up with their latest pickups, deals, and updates. News this week includes Mezco, Mondo, Hot Toys, and more. Check out the DorkLair YouTube channel for Bill’s video review of this week’s feature figure. “Master of the Hunt” will help collectors keep track of bargains, releases, restocks, and buy-nows. Don’t forget to pick up your DorkLair t-shirt, available on TeePublic. Follow the DorkLair Instagram for more weekly questions to connect with the show.

In the News
Chronicle Sixth Scale Conan
Mondo Scareglow Halloween Exclusive
Mondo “MOTUbi” Skeletor D-Con exclusive price revealed: $250
Mondo Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 Scale Figure (Black Variant)
Mezco Gomez Lone Roach and Grub
Mezco PX Exclusive Harley Quinn
Black Series: Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Dooku, and Geonisis Battle Droid
Storm Golden Axe Ax Battler and Dragon

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