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It was the first interview Rian Johnson gave where he was allowed to speak openly about the film and his choices, and he had fun doing so. Due to that reason the podcast had been held back until January 15th at the request of Disney/LFL.

Highlights and topics discussed in the interview with Rian include:

• Why Luke was hiding on Ahch-To
• Why Luke decided to sacrifice himself
• The ambiguous twin sun shot
• Why the stable boy was the final scene
• Why Rey isn’t related to anyone of importance
• Carrie Fisher’s final performance
• Kathleen Kennedy wanted to see Leia use the Force
• The relationship between Kylo/Ben and Rey
• There was no room for the Knights of Ren
• Admiral Holdo’s jump to lightspeed
• The death of Snoke and putting Kylo in charge is more interesting
• He wants to see Luke in Episode IX but that’s up to J.J. Abrams

The panel then deep dives with their take on the film followed by questions submitted by listeners. Take the source link below to check it out.