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Welcome to episode 36 of Radio Free Endor and I hope you all had a great Halloween and I also hope you all got to listen to our Halloween episode and the Ritual of endor, and if haven’t get over there right now its awesome.

With it being November it just happens to be the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars holiday special so we were going to have a look over this masterpiece that George Lucas wanted dead and buried. However, with the sad news about Stan Lee passing away, I thought we would have a look back over his cameos and comics with Kevin Long of “The Kevin Long Show”.

but if you really want to have a look back at this TV nightmare then please head over to skywalking though neverland and rebel force radio and then head over to Fantha Tracks for the latest Star Wars news

Captain of the Lost Waves drops in to sing his new tune “Uniforms”.

Then we have a great interview with Ivan Ortega and his re-edit of the Last Jedi so grab some snacks and a drink, you in for a treat.

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