Welcome to Radio Free Endor and Mando Talk with me and my son Christopher Burns as we do a deep dive, week by week into Season 2 of The Mandalorian and this week its Episode 2, Chapter 11 The Heiress. Now we do into spoilers for this episode, so if you’ve not seen the episode then stick Disney Plus on, watch it, then comeback.

With the Razorcrest heavily damaged and forced to make a splash landing on the ocean planet of Trask. The Mandalorian delivers his Passenger and her eggs to her husband then start his task in finding more of his kind starting with a little sightseeing cruse around the harbour, when suddenly the crew turn on him and the child, but help comes from above, 3 Mandalorian jump into the fight saving Din and the Child, after the fight the leader revels hers self to be non other then Bo Katan and she has the information on a lost Jedi that the Mandalorian needs but first she needs the Mando help to steal a Impearl transport

it’s a bumper episode so get a drink and join us.

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