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This week the review team at Roqoo Depot have reviewed episode 15 of Making Tracks and Episode 20 of The Fantha From Down Under. Massive thanks to the Roqoo Depot review team for listening to our shows, the feedback is always hugely appreciated.

Making Tracks: Episode 15 features audio of Geoff Maisey talking about the history of Palitoy and Star Wars, some audio from the “Troops Talk” at MCM Birmingham featuring a bunch of the Imperial actors from the original trilogy, an interview with Cathy Munroe who played Zuckuss, an interview with musicians Tom Taffinder and David Mahoney, press audio of the actors from the “Troops Talk”, and interview with conductor David Mahoney, and an interview with actor Garrick Hagon (Biggs). Good episode, though you may have heard some of the “Troops Talk” audio from a previous episode.

Podcast Network: Fantha Tracks Radio
Runtime: 59 minutes
Audio Quality: Great
Production Quality: Great
Host: Mark, and Dave
Rating: Good

The Fantha From Down Under: Episode 20 Adam talks with Carl Bayliss about conventions, the music of Star Wars, bands and tribute bands, and making music. Then he talks with Baz and Rohan (Force Material) about how IMAX and FN-1287 connect, Robotech to Star Wars Resistance, and where Episode IX might go. Good episode.

Podcast Network: Fantha Tracks Radio
Runtime: 1 hour 10 minutes
Audio Quality: Okay
Production Quality: Good
Hosts: Adam O’Brien
Rating: Good


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