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This is a JAM-PACKED show full of Clone Wars, Explaining Star Wars, and F-105’s great music!

July 19th at SDCC, Star Wars news came at us like a tsunami – Star Wars: The Clone Wars is BACK, baby!! 12 new episodes are coming to Disney’s streaming service in 2019, and we have a trailer to discuss. Let’s do this!

We talk with Alex Damon, creator of the popular YouTube channel, Star Wars Explained. How did he start the channel? What is his Star Wars fandom story? Alex explains and we listen.

Our good friend Din, lead singer of the band F-105, is back to talk about the band’s upcoming debut album ready for release on July 28th! Many of the songs are inspired by his Star Wars fandom and have a fantastically positive and uplifting message.

Also on this episode:

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