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In August, the Georgia Alliance of Star Wars Collectors (GASWC) hosted a virtual collectors convention filled with interviews and panels, game shows and room sales. And Star Wars: Prototypes and Production was invited to present its first live video podcast panel during the event!

Continuing the “Collecting During Quarantine” series, the panel was a look at the overall Star Wars collectibles market and at the trends and values during this season.

The panel was one of the most popular ones during the Georgia Virtual Social weekend, and with good reason: seven collectors with a vast wealth of knowledge imparted their insight on various sectors of the hobby, forming an all-star presentation!

And after the presentation, the group decided to record an updated version as a podcast episode. Working with this team of seven passionate and knowledgeable collectors to put something of this magnitude together was one of the highlights of the year, and we hope you enjoy it, and learn from it too.

Join host David Quinn for a look at the vintage Star Wars carded market after Return of the Jedi;
Ryan “Humblehorder” K’s valuable update on the prices and trends of loose vintage figures;
Elling Haug’s spectacular overview of the vintage preproduction world;
Anthony Pagano’s masterful look at modern Star Wars prototypes;
Christopher Leddy’s exploration of the Ahsoka Tano craze and the impact of The Clone Wars’ season seven release;
Trent Bailey’s in-depth report on two of the hottest sectors in collecting today – The Mandalorian and The Black Series;
Jason Wasulko’s fascinating dive into the 3.75″ figures of The Vintage Collection and the Retro Series;
And Clifton Boggs’ all-important look on future Hasbro releases, and which ones are worth your time and money!

Thank you to Justin Haynie and all of our friends at the Georgia Alliance of Star Wars Collectors for assembling an amazing event and for inviting the podcast to be a part of it. If you’d like to join a special community of Star Wars fans and collectors, just search GASWC on Facebook. Life will be all the better for it, and that’s a promise!

If you enjoy Star Wars: Prototypes and Production, please leave a review on your podcast platform, and please tell a friend (or twenty)! It would be most appreciated – you have the power to help grow the podcast! Thank you in advance!

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