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The season one finale of the beloved series The Mandalorian ended with a villain in possession of one of the most legendary and storied lightsabers in the history of Star Wars.

But this is no ordinary lightsaber.

The Darksaber has its roots among the Mandalorians, the people of the planet Mandalore. Its glowing black blade is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and has been passed down to the leaders of Mandalore for generations.

But beginning with The Clone Wars, the Darksaber affects the lives of many characters we know and love (and love to hate) in the Star Wars universe in immense and impactful ways.

Join host David Quinn for part one of the history of the Darksaber, as he traces the saber’s path from its originator, Tarre Vizsla, through the hands of some unexpected possessors, like The Clone Wars’ Maul and Rebels’ Sabine Wren, and how it eventually wound up in the hands of The Mandalorian’s Moff Gideon.

The story of the Darksaber is one of the most intense and most exciting Star Wars stories ever told, packed with wild twists, tragedy and hope.

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*Note – this episode contains story spoilers for The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels, and The Mandalorian.


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