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This is Friday, Day Two in Nashville, and it’s a wonderful one. It’s the first day of the ICCC and time for those legendary collectors’ room sales!

Join host David Quinn for an immersive, multi-episode series centered around the Nashville Experience.

On Friday’s agenda: Breakfast at the hotel, setup with the vendors at ICCC, the perks of being a VIP before the show opens to the public, a meeting with a Star Wars legend; the always exciting late-night Room Sales event, and ending with a (very, very early) Saturday morning roundtable conversation on collecting with Biker Scout/General Grievous/Kenner collector Kyle Rose and the Godfather of Modern Star Wars Prototypes, Anthony Pagano.

Featuring Kyle “Scrimshaw” Rose; Anthony “Obi-Wan” Pagano; Kevin Bruno; and musical snippets from the great Kevin Kiner’s soundtrack to Star Wars: Rebels Season Two.

Thanks to Matt “Poppin’ Tags” George; Trent “The Escalator” Bailey; Kori “No Relation” Bailey; AFA Superheroine Marci; Author Extraordinaire Timothy Zahn; ICCC Creator and Showrunner Michael Havens; Bespin Primers Robin Bocra, Dennis Hall and Abdul Hemani; Clifton “Cad Bane” Boggs; and Hakes’ Kelly McClain and Todd Sheffer.

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