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The man in the Mandalorian armor has long been a draw for Star Wars comics since that appearance in the Star Wars Holiday Special. While we would have been talking Boba Fett in today’s release of Star Wars — Bounty Hunters #3, not to mention Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars — Battle Tales #2, the lack of new comics didn’t deter us.

Despite his limited screen time in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Boba Fett holds a special place for lots of fans. His appeal is enduring and it’s the focus of a key new story created by Matt Harding (@Stilltsinc) and Josef Sison (@JosefSison), a pair of comics creatives, whose fan-produced Boba Fett sports some familiar faces and places in a uniquely crafted story with a twist ending. (You can download the book at https://bit.ly/39QO37U)

We talked about the book with Harding and Sison at length for this episode. It was a great conversation and one you’re sure to enjoy.

You can check out Sison’s work at www.mutantink.com and facebook.com/JSisonArt/ and peruse Harding’s work at www.matthardingart.com.

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