Doctor Aphra and Sana Starros come one step closer to finding out just what kind of technology is being employed in a revolutionary drive (Hello, Nihil!) and Domina Tagge isn’t about to let some upstart undo all of her hard-won Imperial contracts.

It’s a showdown, with Vukorah dead center, as commerce, espionage and, gasp, saving lives (even the Rebellion) start to collide and combine in the pages of Doctor Aphra (Vol. 2) #9.

In news, Heather Antos is returning to Star Wars as a new senior editor at IDW, while the War of the Bounty Hunters is setting itself up to be a rather extensive summerlong event. Speaking of which, the number of variants for May 5’s War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha #1 one-shot is growing ever larger. Want to track down a particular cover by a particular artist for sale by a particular store? Visit Fantha Tracks ( or Jedi Bibliothek ( to see the latest covers and spend that money.

We also break down the move to make The High Republic: The Monster of Temple Peak a four-issue mini-series from IDW instead of a graphic novel (though it will be collected as a trade so there’s your graphic novel).

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