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Welcome to episode 49.5 of Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels: Wolves and Worlds. On this Scoundrel’s Special Edition, Dennis, Jay, and Darth Taxus discuss two Force-centric episodes of Rebels. In the aftermath of the events of “Jedi Night” and “Dume,” the crew of the Ghost rally together and take on another mission. Ezra has information that indicates the Jedi Temple on Lothal is in danger, and therefore, that is where they head next. However, a number of surprises await them and the Empire on Lothal, and the fate of the galaxy waits in the balance.

The discussion in this episode includes the return of a major character in the Star Wars galaxy. In addition, Dennis, Jay and Darth Taxus discuss how these episodes draw on past episodes of Rebels and The Clone Wars. Some of the most enigmatic characters in all of Star Wars also make an appearance in this episode, and the Scoundrels discuss what exactly this means and how it all works. That isn’t all, and Dennis, Jay and Taxus discuss this and more in this Scoundrel’s Special Edition.

Thanks for tuning into episode 49.50 of Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels: Wolves and Worlds.

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