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Welcome to episode 49 of Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels: The Road to Solo – Stars’ End. On this episode, Dennis and Taxus continue the Road to Solo with their review of Han Solo at Stars’ End. As usual, there is some Star Wars news to cover first. Welcome to episode 49: The Road to Solo – Stars’ End.

Recent Star Wars News
Details concerning the digital and Blu Ray release of The Last Jedi are finally available. Dennis and Taxus discuss when the movie is available for purchase and what extras are included. In addition, the novel and comic tie-in for Solo: A Star Wars story were announced. The Scoundrels discuss what they are what they are looking forward to. Plus, they discuss other recent Star Wars announcements in this episode’s news.

Skystalking for March
After the news, Darth Taxus has another edition of “Skystalking.” In this edition, Taxus informs all the Scoundrels where they can find their favorite Star Wars celebrities making convention appearances in the month of March.

Han Solo at Stars’ End
Once Skystalking is complete, the guys dive into the “Hyperthetical.” On this episode, they continue on the Road to Solo with a discussion of Brian Daley’s novel Han Solo at Stars’ End. This novel is now part of Legends and was released in 1979. Does it still hold up today? What parts have made their way into the new canon? What did the guys think? Tune in as they discuss this and more.

Silence Fools!
Once their Stars’ End discussion is done, the show turns to some listener feedback and community news in “Silence Fools!” In this edition, the Scoundrels read an email from a friend and loyal listener of the show concerning a new collectible from Hasbro that has an ordering twist. There is another edition of Star Wars questions from a five-year-old, and Dennis and Taxus discuss the latest results of their Twitter poll.

Thanks for tuning into episode 49 of Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels: The Road to Solo – Stars’ End.

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