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Robbo drops in to talk movie release schedules, Disney+ content and more. Here’s what happens:

We’re joined by our pal Robbo (@GC9X) to talk all things Star Wars. He totally gets us. This is gonna rule SO hard.
It looks like Who Got What? is unveiling some addiction issues.
Disney’s movie release schedule shows us that we’re not getting a new Star Wars theatrical release after The Rise of Skywalker until 2022, and then two more in 2024 and 2026. Will those be Rian Johnson’s movies? Or will it be Benioff and Weiss at the helm? Or someone else?
There will be a lot of content available when Disney+ launches. Take a look!
Is it possible to meet fan expectations in the age of Twitter? Organized Google-bombing, armchair quarterbacks, people who claim their childhoods have been stolen, etc. What does that do for potential fans or potential creatives?
A listener email that just might blow your mind. It blew ours. Seriously.

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