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Australia invades! Steele Saunders and Josh Chapman stop in to talk some Star Wars. Here’s what happens:

Dallas was STILL on vacation. Good for him. Good for him.
Steele Saunders of Steele Wars (@SteeleWars) and Josh Chapman of Star Wars Spelt Out (@StarWarsSpelt) hang out with Luke and Eric. Apparently it takes two podcasting titans to fill the void that Dallas leaves when he’s not there.
Who Got What? has some unique entries. Eric veered off his usual hardass rule and let the guests talk about stuff they’ve ordered but not received yet.
Here’s a shocker: people are still complaining about certain things in Star Wars. Weird. Alex from Star Wars Explained wins Twitter.
Here’s our top things that annoy us about top things lists.
What’s the score with Galaxy’s Edge? Ruining Disneyland? That’s the word on the street. Not a street where logical people hang out, but some street somewhere.
Why not an alien main character in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? You might be surprised.

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