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Disney+ is gonna rule, Solo spin-off rumors, and Snoke’s a butthole. Here’s what happens:

Eric comes out of nowhere with a triumphant win in Who Got What?, and a friend hooks Dallas up to keep him in the game.
Hasbro offered the SDCC exclusives on the Hasbro Pulse website. Being a Pulse Premium member really paid off! Just kidding. It didn’t.
The Netherlands got a Disney+ beta, and it is robust.
People are crazy.
Kylo Ren, am I right?
Snoke is the worst Scoutmaster of all time. The dude doesn’t even know how to dress to go camping. It’s no wonder nobody made it to Eagle Scout. Check out the Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Supreme Leader Snoke comic to find out more.
We did it all for the cheeseburgers.

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