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So many tv spots for The Rise of Skywalker, a sweet episode of The Mandalorian, and more! Here’s what happens:

Be careful out there! There are spoilers everywhere!
In Who Got What? we find out that NOBODY got a baby Yoda and nobody is gonna get one anytime soon.
There are some rad new The Rise of Skywalker tv spots with some cool dialogue from Sheev. Will it be in the movie?
The stars are making the media rounds.
There was an episode of Star Wars Resistance that two of us watched.
Okay, everyone wants to talk about chapter 4 of The Mandalorian. We gave it high scores all around. Somehow there have been some complaints that a certain person on the show managed to kick the Mando’s ass, and some complaints that one person knew how to shoot a blaster. Yep, for reals. BUT THE SHOW, AM I RIGHT?!?!?
Eric needs a Carbonized Mandalorian from Target. Help.

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