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Some big news for our show, more casting news for season 2 of The Mandalorian, and we read a book! Here’s what happens:

Here’s some rad news for our show: we’ve been asked to join the Making Star Wars podcast network!
Thing get crazier, but we have hope.
Who Got What is turning into Nobody Got Anything.
Ashley Eckstein responds to the news that Rosario Dawson will be playing Ahsoka Tano.
MakingStarWars.net shares a rumor about another potential cast addition for The Mandalorian.
Eric finally finished the novelization for The Rise of Skywalker. We talk about it.
We take a look at S07E06 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Deal or No Deal. How did Rafa ever think this was a good idea? Oh, what a mess.

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