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Great guests, Star Wars television news, maybe we’re still getting a movie, and more! Here’s what happens:

Steph and Andy from the Star Wars 101 podcast (@StarWars101Pod) visit us to talk about anything and everything. You should definitely check out their show!
How about an international version of Who Got What this week? Who’s sad and who’s glad?
In Kenobi news, Joby Harold has been hired as a writer for the series. So, there’s that.
Release date rumors for Disney+ series.
Disney still stays we’re getting a movie in December 2022.
StarWars.com gave us some character profiles from the High Republic stuff that’s coming.
So, do you think Celebration is gonna happen?
We run through S07E07 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Dangerous Debt, and there’s some good stuff happening in there. And look who shows up near the end!.

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