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We have an awesome guest, we’ve got a gameplay trailer, and a chapter of a book dropped! Here’s what happens:

Steele Saunders of Steele Wars (@SteeleWars) drops by on the twenty-fives!
Who Got What, Father’s Day Edition.
The first chapter of Charles Soule’s High Republic novel, Light of the Jedi, is released to the public on ign.com.
Steele is skateboarding again!
The gameplay for Star Wars Squadrons looks neat.
Kessel Run Transmissions says we’re getting a Bad Batch spin-off.
The Volume is gonna pop up everywhere.
The final episode of this run of Disney Gallery: Star Wars; The Mandalorian talks about the connections between everything. George Lucas says things that are funny.
Watch S01E06 of Star Wars Rebels, Breaking Ranks with us! Watch as young kids are encouraged to turn on each other for their own person gain.

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