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Our friend Maria visits, a trailer for season 2 of The Mandalorian drops a few hours after we record, and there’s a cool video game CG short. Here’s what happens:

Our friend Maria (@blerdgirljedi) from the Sistas with Sabers (@SabersWith) podcast sits down with us to talk some Star Wars.
Our guest wins Who Got What.
Daisy Ridley talks about the Palpatine lineage with the snowman from Frozen.
Is Korkie Kryze Obi-Wan’s son?
Entertainment Weekly shows us some photos from The Mandalorian.
New shots from season 2 of The Mandalorian show up on Disney+ while we’re recording.
Luke never listens to a thing Dallas says.
Ash Crossan talks to Ewan McGregor about the Obi-Wan series.
Liam Neeson says some neat stuff.
THere’s a KILLER short for the storyline of Star Wars Squadrons that you have to see.
Watch S01E03 of The Mandalorian, Ch.3: The Sin, with us! Oh, my heart.

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