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Jon Favreau opens up about his upcoming live action show, Star Wars Resistance debuts, and there’s a bunch of new gear coming! Here’s what happens:

  • Who Got What? gets a new theme thanks to Robbo!
  • Be on the lookout for new Motivator Merch!
  • Luke sizzles an upcoming It Came from the EU Halloween special.
  • Evan DeChellis (@EDeChellis25) has released his book, The Scalp Beast! You can get a physical and/or digital copy of your very own by clicking here.
  • Jon Favreau’s live action show gets a name! The Mandalorian sounds like it will be amazing.
  • Some toy and book/comic updates from NYCC 2018!
  • Star Wars Resistance comes out swinging with 3 episodes on day 1, with the first episode being a double. Did we dig it? Did you?
  • Listener emails and voicemails, and an admission that we’ve already failed to do a better job of checking the show’s Twitter account DMs. Hey, at least we’re honest.

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