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Did we accidentally get confirmation of Temuera  Morrison’s Boba Fett role in Mando this week? Only Reddit knows for sure.  There’s going to be an onslaught of Mando Merch hitting real soon but Doc’s already all over it. Two recent deaths have hit the Star Wars universe this week as the shit train that is 2020 continues to roll. What deleted monster made it’s return to the universe in comic form and did Vader ever get the soot knocked off of him by the Emperor prior to ROTJ?  A cartoon battle take charge of Who’s More OVER this week as the Clone Wars goes head to head with Rebels. Which show is MORE OVER! Send your comments on and or suggestions for a who’s more over segment to newforceorder@yahoo.com. Hop aboard the republic gunship as we drop in to save the day nFo style

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