Did Pablo Hildago cross the line with Youtuber Star Wars theory? How old are the new dynamic duo of Ming-Na Wen and Temuera Morrison.  Giancarlo Esposito gives us an idea on how he played Moff Gideon. Was Boba missing a few key pieces of his costume? What was Luke doing after ESB, the comics know, but more importantly will there be a redemption arc?? This and more news is covered this week.

Who’s More Over showcases two bad ass droids. It’s the IG series assassin droid vs the Dark Trooper. Which killer droid is MORE OVER? On From a certain point of view we break down a line from Luke on the Mando finale. Send your comments on and or suggestions for a who’s more over segment to newforceorder@yahoo.com. Join the nFo as head down to Tosche Station for a bit more than power converters.

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