Special guest Konspiracy Kyle joins GGP and Doc, Kyle has his own pod cast Konspiracy in the Force where he melds Star Wars and conspiracy theory. The first book of the High republic hits and we dive into an in-depth review. Gina Carano came to a SW fans rescue this week and is Grogu getting a saber?  Mark Hamill and Ming-Na Wen trade pleasantries on Twitter, and is it a good thing we didn’t get Anakin in the Rise of Skywalker.

Who’s More Over has two ass kicking ladies go head to head. It’s Fennic Shand vs the Zam Wessel. Which Fett femme fatale is MORE OVER? Send your comments on and or suggestions for a who’s more over segment to newforceorder@yahoo.com. Join the nFo as we pick shots from the perch and take out some storm troopers.

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