YouTube sensation Star Wars Only aka Trent joins GGP and Doc on this episode. He may be young but this kid knows his stuff and has a true passion for the galaxy far far away. Plenty of news this week dropped! Kevin Feige is and had never been on the Star Wars team.  Gina Carano still is a bad ass. The high republic is explored deeper with some grandmasters and a new way to defeat Jedis. After decades EA games and Star Wars will dissolve their partnership.

Who’s More Over puts two high speed chases against each other. The pod race scene from Episode 1 vs the Speeder bike chase from Episode 6. Which smash and crash scene is MORE OVER?

From a certain point of view explores if Mayfield had a better Stormtrooper redemption arc then Finn. Send your comments on and or suggestions for a who’s more over segment to Join the nFo as we pick shots from the perch and take out some storm troopers.

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