The man, the myth, the (internet) legend, The Outlaw John Rocha joins GGP and Doc on this weeks show. Rocha podcasts about every topic out there but deep down he’s a massive Star Wars mark. We cover this weeks news about the Mando and Obi wan Kenobi series.  Does the Star Wars movie franchise hinge on Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron? The Andor season one will be missing a key element. Looks like we will be seeing Pedro Pascal sans helmet a lot more in the future.  On this weeks Who’s More Over we pit two high ranking imperial officers against each other.  It’s Grand Admiral Thrawn vs Moff Gideon. Which devious leader is MORE OVER?
From a certain point of view revolves around why Moff Gideon tried to off himself at the end of Mando season 2.  Send your comments on and or suggestions for a who’s more over segment to Join the nFo as we crack the hairy Jawa brunch egg.

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