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The Sandcrawler #86 – Too Busy To Star War

The holidays are upon us and well….we just want Star Wars. This week we catch up on The Mandalorian and how AWESOME it is and dive into about 2 months’ worth of Hasbro action figure news. Be sure to check our show notes for all the links you’ll need if you’re like us and behind in all the recent news.

We have both managed to avoid any Rise of Skywalker news and trailers since about October and while we’re excited, we just want it to get here. Let’s be honest, we want more Mandalorian!

Friend of the show, Matt Cardona (aka Zack Ryder) gave us a big shout out on his show, The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast and their annual Toy Drive ends on December 10, 2019. There’s still time to donate to this great cause so head to their site for details: http://majorwfpod.com/holiday-toy-drive/

Dan deals with Best Buy customer service and continues to be frustrated with his Star Wars Room. Mac shares some Star Wars related birthday gifts and talks about a fairly major move in his Star Wars Room including his first Black Series diorama. No, seriously!

Be a part of our Year End Special by telling us what your plans are as a Star Wars collector in 2020. Details here.


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