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WELCOME…Welcome…..welcome to Episode 123 of “THE SITH LIST” Iraj, Carlos (Boo), Les, and Eric welcome Knights of Rant and Who Talks First host Courtney Everett “CT” to talk some Star Wars, Avengers, Netflix Shinanigans, Sudafed and more!

The SITH LIST is composed of a group of people with different cultural backgrounds and experiences, you might call us the United Nations of Fandom. We all come together once a week to bring you the latest in Fandom and of course to…..“SHOOT the SITH.”

Fandom Covered :

PSD Box Office Report-Ralph Wrecks 3-peats
Aquaman splashes on the scene in China.
Star Wars Chit Chat – Mandalorian, CT’s favorite SW moments,
Triple Frontier Trailer
Are Netflix blockbusters a good idea?
Stranger Things 3 releases it’s episode titles.
Brightburn Trailer reaction
Avengers Endgame trailer breakdown.
On the THRONE with King Tom.
CT Plays the Flash Round

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