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Welcome…Welcome…Welcome to Episode 141 of THE SITH LIST! Iraj, Boo, Les, and Eric bring you their amazing experiences at SWCC2019! We lauged, we cried, we Star Wars-ed. We also breakdown that unbelievable Episode IX teaser.

The Sith List is composed of a group of people with different cultural backgrounds and experiences, you might call us the United Nations of Fandom. We all come together once a week to bring you the latest in Fandom and of course to…..“SHOOT the SITH.”

Geekdom Covered:

Box Office Report – Shazam still at #1
SWCC experiences – For the first time ever all members of TSL were all at the same place at the same time.
Episode IX trailer and breakdown.
Will Palpatine be in Ep.IX in physical form?
On the Throne -Is the one year Star Wars movie hiatus a good idea?
Has Netflix mad a GREAT original film?
Game of Thrones Season 8 premier breakdown.
Special interviews from familiar voices at SWCC2019.

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