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Welcome…Welcome…Welcome to Episode 156 of THE SITH LIST! Iraj, Boo, Les, and Eric bring you the busy Week in Geek.

The Sith List is composed of a group of people with different cultural backgrounds and experiences, you might call us the United Nations of Fandom. We all come together once a week to bring you the latest in Fandom and of course to…..“SHOOT the SITH.”

The Shenanigans

Shout Outs

Box Office

Can you feel the bucks again Lion King #1
Once Upon a Time does very well
Once Upon a Time review

On the Throne -Bruce Lee

Star Wars Chit Chat

Rey’s Leaked Timeline
Mark and Harrison meet for the first time.
Old School Star Wars arcade games coming to a home near you
The Music Minute

????? could be anything????
What would be our entrance song?
Pop Culture Breakdown

“A Moment of Sound” for Rutger Hauer
Eric finishes Stranger Things 3
DeNiro, DiCaprio, and Scorsese to team up.
VM from Jim – A new “Trailer Trashed” suggestion.
We crush on Fact of Life – Yes the Facts of Life its all about You.
Comicbook TV/Movie News

Feige thinks Scarlet Witch could have beaten Thanos’ ass on her own.
New Gods shaping up
Walking Dead news form SDCC2019

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