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Welcome…Welcome…Welcome to Episode 181 of THE SITH LIST! Iraj, Boo, Les, Eric and King Tom bring you the latest in pop-culture! Star Wars, Marvel, DC, HBO, Netflix and more!

Box Office

Bad Boys…Well, watcha goin do!
Bad Boys Review
Star Wars Chit Chat

Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer
Taika in Talks?
Resistance Finale on the horizon
OG Rob gives us his experience on Rise of Resistance.
Pop Culture

Stephen King’s The Outsider
A deep Dive into the classic Kung Fu Classic…The Last Dragon
What movies are we excited about in 2020?
Lord of the Rings
ComicBook TV/Movie News

Marvel gives us a synopsis for The Eternals
JJ & Bad Robot taking Justice League Dark over.
Falcon & Winter Soldier talk

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