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NOTE: Due to the ESB40 party, we decided to release our patreon episode of the week to the public. If you’d like to support our podcasting journey, check us out on patreon and become a Powerful Friend today!

In case you haven’t heard us geek out enough about Empire Strikes Back yet, here’s another 100 minutes of Canon Fodder to celebrate this movie! Rik and I are joined by a special guest, and I’m not going to tell you who it is, but his name rhymes with Rob Williams, and we had a blast recording this episode! And yes, we promise, Lando does get talked about in this episode!

Get your camtono of ice cream and settle in for more ESB love! A word of warning; there’s some saltier language than usual, but nothing too rough! All complaints can be forwarded to choprulz with a zee.

Have an awesome weekend, especially those celebrating Memorial Day! Stay safe, keep your hands clean and wear your stupid mask!

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