Episode 45 drops whilst the UK is covered in snow, which is fitting as the episode has a very Hoth feel.

Richard has recently been to Finse with fellow FanthaTrackers Matt, Brian and Mark, in Norway for an event based on Hoth and hosted at the filming location, this month instead of a feature interview we hear all about the trip which includes interviews with others who attended the event or presented.  Some great stories of the filming era which you may or may not know but definitely worth a listen.

Stuart takes over hosting duties on Newest Acquisitions whilst Jez is at school.  The team look at several items which include a Pre-production Diecast TIE-Fighter wing, a mint Return of the Jedi two pack, 12″ Luke Skywalker Bespin transparency and a beaten up Luke Skywalker Model trem.  We hear from two collectors as they discuss their recent purchases, Dallas Ewen discusses his Grubee exclusive cups which were only available in food outlets around Winnipeg, Canada and Blake Bundy tells us about picking up his final 12 back to complete the run.  Of course NA finishes with a look at one specific item, this month the lads look at the Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Set where the Vintage Alliance come up with more great information.

In a new section, Peter looks at other non action figure related Hoth items that may tickle people’s fancy.  Along with the top 5, Simon attempts to dazzle us with his Gimcrack but can it beat Richard’s controversial entry.

Rich looks at a range of topics during Rebel Briefings, from the current collecting climate including asking whether POTF MOCs were sold in the UK and whether current eBay practices are ethical.  This is balanced out with an update to Brian Angel’s quest and some more news of great fundraising ventures.

With Peter undergoing a new section, Simon jumps in to reinvent the Market segment, during this element Simon takes a look at the market place from eBay to auction houses, plus takes a look at current AT-AT prices, has this huge piece become the flavour of the month???

The podcast is filled with so much more, from the usual quiz to Richard trying to dig himself out of a Detolf hole, it’s all here.  Hey, even Jez drops by to give us a Running Stormtrooper update!!!

Enjoy the show!

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