March brings us the longest Vintage Rebellion podcast to date, with Jez still absent without leave the rest of the team can’t stop talking.

Chris Georgoulias joins Stuart and Richard for this months main interview.  Chris discusses a plethora of things including his work with the SWCA and his recent trip to Death Valley amongst many other topics.

Mike Havens joins Rich during Rebel Briefings to discuss his convention ICCC.  Rich also looks at the best collecting books available and delves into an eBay auction.

Newest Acquisitions sees the team look at Palitoy, Helix, Australian Pencil cases, Canadian 2 packs as well as many other items including their focus topic of the Palitoy Droid Factory.  Mark Daniels and Chris Hogg also drop by to discuss their recent purchases.

During the second instalment of Pete’s new segment, he follows on from the Droid Factory discussion looking at other droid items outside of the toy line.  He brings us the Droid Factory top 5 and can Simon finally win Gimcrack of the month?  Don’t bet on it!

Simon delves into the market where he looks at eBay and recent auction sales.

Whilst Iain Sanderson joins Stuart for a follow up to his Interview from Episode 1.  Iain revisits all the topics he discussed four years ago, has his collecting habits changed?

As well as all this the boys discuss collecting ethics after being accused of snobbery on their opinion on reproduction items last month, whilst they also have their usual quiz and general discussion.

All this plus much more including a Running Stormtrooper update.

Enjoy the show!!!

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