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Hot off the heels from Episode 71, comes Episode 72! Amazing isn’t it.

Check out the 4D version from our Vintage Space Wizard Chris Porteous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxG3EmJhRF8

Andy Norton decides to have a go at a quiz this month to test the chops of recent ‘Farthest From – Online’ champions Richard Hutchinson and Andy Preston. It’s an attempt at ITV’s The Chase. With Mr. Preston being the Chaser. Can Jason, Peter & Richard beat him down?

The main interview is with Irish writer Michael Carroll, who runs the online blog ‘Rusty Staples’, which we touched upon in our Panini Licensee section a few months back. Rusty Staples covers every single mention and influence of Star Wars in British Comic 2000AD. Michael is a current writer of Judge Dredd and with Peter, reminisces about Star Wars, collecting and all things of an Irish influence back in the day.

We ask the question about certain scenes in the Original Trilogy which there are few, if any, collectables. Richard leaps onto Farthest From online, and certain Facebook groups in Rebel briefings whilst looking at the latest Vectis Auction. Can Richard win another R5 for his collection? Will Andy Norton just buy all the Action Man gear?

The Licensee section sees Peter tackling Cliro, where he gets all soapy with the lads. What can we make Jason buy this month? Thanks to Craig Stevens for supplying some amazing insight into this glorious brand.

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