Our friends over at theswca have released an amazing article from Jonathan McElwain detailing the Wonder Bread Promotion of 1977.  Check it out here

I’m delighted that Skye and Steve from the Chivecast have also recently released an interview with Jonathan delving further into this very early promotion.  I recently purchased a full set of Wonder Bread trading cards for £25, a shelf talker for £20 and a shelf wobbler for £20 which can all be seen in this photo.

It’s a very cost effective collection to hunt down and I’m looking for a bread wrapper next!

Give Skye and Steve a listen as I guarantee you will learn something new about this awesome food promotion which was responsible for propelling Star Wars into the homes of so many Americans earlier than most other products.

Jonathan McElwain joins Skye and Steve to exhaustively discuss the 1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars Promotion. From the cards to the displays to the bags, we cover it all. Plus, Skye rambles some about the history of Wonder Bread.

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