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Your Smugglers are back with Episode 82 of Wookiee Radio. This week Derrick is on a secret mission for the Smugglers Alliance, so we are joined by Jeremy from the Neverland Podcast. This week we take a look at Maul, Ryan Johnson and Galaxy’s Edge. Here are the stories:

  • Kathleen Kennedy to receive a honorary Academy Award
  • The new Popular Film Oscar category has been postponed
  • Harrison Ford to receive an award from SAG-AFTRA
  • Ray Parks has ideas for the future of Maul
  • According to rumors John Williams and Michael Giacchino are scoring new music for Disney’ Galaxy’s Edge
  • The Last Jedi is the best selling Blu-Ray of 2018
  • How did Leia fund the resistance
  • How bad is the Star Wars hate on Twitter, really?

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